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Ambassador Program

The Worth It Ambassador Program seeks to make known the mission of Worth It, gain public support, and ultimately empower students with our self-worth focused messages. The goal of the Spokesperson Program is to equip leaders to empower youth to make life-giving choices that preserve the value and worth of humanity through social media, interviews, speaking engagements, podcasts, and shows. Worth It Spokespersons include all speakers, ambassadors, staff.

Ambassador Role & Benefits

Your Role:

  • Following and endorsing our social media platforms 

    • Instagram: @worthitnetwork​

    • Facebook: @worthitnetwork

    • Twitter: @worthitnetwork

    • TikTok: @worthitnetwork

  • Create Worth It content (tweets, graphics, reels, TikToks, etc.) 

  • Collaborate with the Worth It Media Team on how to best reach Gen Z

  • Repost an allotted number of Worth It social media posts to your personal page


  • Potential Opportunities for public speaking and travel

  • Potential Opportunities to be featured on podcasts and other forms of social media. 

  • You are helping to influence and encourage a generation of students to view themselves as more valuable

  • We offer community service hours, if you school allows and approves

  • Letters of recommendation from our Worth It staff, upon request

  • Free T-Shirt!

Topics of Focus

  • Self-worth and identity

  • The dangerous effects of pornography

  • Technology use and overuse

  • Mental health in students

  • Healthy relationships

  • Healthy friendships

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • How our decisions impact our futures


  • Term A: September 1st – January 1st

  • 1st Term B: January 1st – May

  • Term C: May 1st – September 1st


Speaking Tryouts 
**Speaking Tryouts take place September 15th & January 15th. All applicants must be Worth It Ambassadors**

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