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Our Movement


Worth It empowers youth to understand their unique value through peer education which supports life affirming choices and healthy relationships.


Our hope is to bring secure identity and sexual wholeness to youth across the nation by teaching the beauty of every individual and by providing resources for schools, parents, students, and community organizations. 

Students have received the Worth It Message 

Classrooms use the Worth It Curriculum

States use the Worth It Curriculum 

Raised to serve our youth


AUGUST 2021:

Worth It is launched by our Executive Director, Katie Rose Geer from her dorm room. Started with a vision to impact students around the globe by empowering them to make wise decisions with regard to sexual health, social media, technology, and important social issues, our organization began its journey.


MARCH 2022:

Shortly after its founding, Worth It began its push to have students deliver actionable intelligence to their peers. In March, our first presentations began, delivered to Starmount and Forebush Middle & High schools in addition to Cathedral Oak Academy.


JUNE 2022:

In June, we became a finalist in a Accelerator Shark Tank program designed to help expand our reach and develop our corporate structure.


AUGUST 2022:

August was a milestone month for us as we finalized our curriculum for presentation at more schools. This meant we could expand into more schools, be more efficient and appealing, and grow our reputation to give us more credibility in future expansion endeavors.


By September we had our curriculum ready for greater launch and we spoke at Trinity Christian Schools in Fairfax, VA. This was our largest speaking engagement yet spanning 4 classrooms and multiple days on site. Additionally, we spoke to parents to communicate our mission and get them involved in the process at home.



As fall set in we returned to Starmount and Forebush with a larger cadre of student speakers and presented to more students with our polished curriculum.



With the new year we continued our outreach efforts and agreed to bring our program to two additional schools in 2023.


APRIL 2023:

Closing Q1 of 2023 Worth It presented our research at Liberty University on the links between pornography and mental health to illustrate the negative correlation in a traditionally weak field of study. For our research we placed 1st at Research Week.

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